The Police Commissioner and a Snow Plow

On Tuesday night, September 9, 2014 starting at 7 PM, the Colstrip City Council will hold the first regular meeting of the month.   The agenda is a full one; the most items of business since the Spring.

1 .Public Comment and Participation

2. Unfinished Business
A. Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy
B. Goodwill Policy
C. Tree Ordinance

3. New Business
A. Solid Waste Special Assessments
B. Resolution No. 2014-R20/Rosebud County Pre-Disaster  Mitigation Plan
C. Resolution No. 2014-R21/Budget Transfers
D. Police Commission Appointment
E. Special Events Permit/Homecoming Parade
F. Snow Plow Purchase
G. Reduction In Force
H. Additional Police Officer Position
I. Code Enforcement
J. Starting Wages for New Police Officers and Dispatchers
K. Planning/Building & Zoning Official Position Description, Hours & Wage

See the official agenda on the City of Colstrip website.

regular meeting badge