Does Anybody Want to be Mayor?

Mayor buttonDid you know that this November Colstrip will vote to elect a new Mayor and two City Council members?  Did you know that as of last Friday (6/12), no one has yet registered for the openings?

Regular filings for political office ends on Thursday July 2, 2015.  That’s a mere two weeks away!

Have you ever considered serving your community as a Council member?  Do you know someone who would represent Colstrip well as the Mayor?

Colstrip city politics is an important job that gets little attention.  Council members approve all financial policies, procedures, and all financial bills.  The mayor provides the executive leadership of the City staff, acts as the official spokesperson for the entire city and works directly with department heads and employees to ensure: public funds are responsibly used, services are provided efficiently and fairly, and oversees the daily operations of all City services.

Anyone can be a candidate for Council and Mayor, but not everyone is best suited for the jobs.  Political leadership is the butt of many jokes, but leadership is no joke and it’s not always easy.  A good leader is someone with honesty, integrity, and a true desire to serve those they represent.

The deadline for filing is coming soon.  So encourage a  trustworthy, honest, and hard working neighbor to run for office.

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Let me know your thoughts, ideas, or concerns?

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