City Council Meeting-September 23

regular meeting badgeGood morning Colstrip!  Your City Council will meet tonight starting at 7PM at City Hall.

Have you ever attended a Council meeting before?  It can be helpful to know the people who were elected to serve you and manage tax payer funds.  By going to a meeting you’ll get to meet your representatives and learn a little bit about them while watching them think through and decide on agenda items.

The line up for the evening is:

Public Comment and Participation
A. Public Hearing – Solid Waste Special Assessments

Unfinished Business
A. Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy
B. Resolution No. 2014 – R16/Goodwill Policy
C. Resolution No. 2014 – R22/Solid Waste Special Assessments

New Business
A. Interlocal Agreement w/Colstrip Public Schools
B. Mobile Home Purchase
C. Public Works Department Pickup Purchase
D. Bid Award – Backwash Treatment System

Let me know if you have any questions about the listed items. I can help you find out about the details.


Let me know your thoughts, ideas, or concerns?

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