What Happened to Summer? or What You’ve Missed the Last 2 1/2 Months.

Olaf-In Summer-Disney's FrozenSchool is nearly back in session and summer vacations are coming to an end.  As we all re-orient our minds to the coming Fall you may want to know what happened within your Colstrip City Council during the last 2 1/2 months.

Over the Summer the Council voted to increase limits in the City Purchasing Policy, a backhoe was repaired to the tune of $20,000, two-hundred more garbage cans were ordered, and some special event permits were passed for the Colstrip Days and Independence Day celebrations.

Of more significant note, contract negotiations are on going for the City’s two bargaining units, the City Employee union and the Police Union, and the annual Preliminary Budget was passed for roughly 7 million dollars.  The public hearing for the budget is scheduled for the next City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 26.

And there you have it, the highlights of another fabulous Summer in Colstrip, Montana.


Let me know your thoughts, ideas, or concerns?

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