Submit a Question for the 2014 Colstrip Candidate Forum

Bicentennial Library of Colstrip and the 2014 Colstrip Candidate Forum planning team are accepting questions from the public to ask at the upcoming Colstrip Candidate Forum.

The event, held on May 2, 2014 at the Colstrip High School auditorium, will be a moderated Q&A format.  The moderator will asks questions submitted by local residents of House districts 39 and 41 and Senate district 20.  If you live in Rosebud county, the eastern edge of Big Horn and Yellowstone county, Treasure county or the western part of Powder River county, then ask a question!  Get to know your potential elected representative.  To see who is running and what district you belong to, check out the recent In Colstrip posts: One City, Two Districts and The Local Race for State Congress.

You can submit your questions one of four ways:

  1. in person at Bicentennial Library in Colstrip or Rosebud County Library in Forsyth
  2. On the Bicentennial Library Facebook page
  3. On the Colstrip Candidate Forum Facebook page
  4. or right here at In Colstrip

Just ask your question using the form below.  It’s that simple!

get involved badge large


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