Colstrip City Update: Week of March 23, 2014


On Tuesday night, 3/25, starting at 7:00 PM, the Colstrip City Council will meet in regular session at City Hall.

The business on the agenda will be:

  • Resolution No. 2014-R08/Allow Elected Officials Participation in MMIA Employee Benefits Program
  • Engineering Task Order No. 11/Water Plant Backwash System
  • Hawkins Chemicals Purchase

The meeting will begin promptly at 7:00 PM.  All are welcome to attend.  Comments and questions are welcome during specified times of the meeting.

More information:

Resolution No. 2014-R08/Allow Elected Officials Participation in MMIA Employee Benefits Program

At the previous Council meeting, Mayor Hanser requested the Council consider allowing the Mayor to participate in the medical benefit program provided to city employee’s and administered by the Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority (MMIA).  This resolution is a follow up to that request.  The resolution states, “the City of Colstrip determines that both elected and appointed officials of the City of Colstrip, including the Mayor, City Council members and the City Attorney should be eligible to participate in the City of Colstrip’s employee medical benefit program…”.  The resolution specifies that the “funding for this particular medical benefit will be made through either the City of Colstrip’s budgetary process and/or contributions by the official.”

If approved by a majority of the Council, this resolution would not require any official to participate, but only allow them to participate.

Engineering Task Order No. 11/Water Plant Backwash System

This item concerns a proposed second amendment to Task Order 11; an engineering task order authorizing KLJ of Billings to provide engineering services for the Water Plant Backwash System project.  The original task order was for the amount of $83,644.00.    The amendment seeks to add project services to the original order for the completion of the project: final design phase ($42,054.00), bid phase ($12,305.00) and construction administration ($43,557.00).  If approved, the proposed amendment will add a total of $97,916.00 to the original project cost.

Improvements to the backwash system are required by order of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MT DEQ).  The DEQ requires that “system improvements and compliance with Colstrip’s permit must be achieved by February 27, 2015”.

Hawkins Chemicals Purchase

Public Works Director Bryan Swan will ask the Council to approve the purchase of “14136 lbs of Aqua Hawk 457 and 3220.8 lbs. of Potassium Permanganate” from Hawkins, Inc, a chemical supply company in Roseville, MN, for the total amount of $13,231.00.  According to Mr Swan’s written report, “these 2 [sic] products used for water treatment have been purchased from 2 [sic] different vendors in the past but are both now purchased from Hawkins.”  The Council must approve the purchase since the total amount is over $10,000.00; the limit is set by the City purchasing policy.

Note: All citations and quotes were taken from public documents provided by the office of Colstrip City Clerk.

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