One City, Two Districts: The New Line that Divides Colstrip

New Legislative Districts for Colstrip, MT

New Legislative Districts for Colstrip, MT

In the recent legislative redistricting, Colstrip was separated into two state Senate districts and two state House districts.  Essentially, everyone north of Power Rd and east of Olive Drive are in Senate District 20 and House District 39 and everybody south of Box Elder and West of Highway 39 are in Senate District 21 and House District 41.

The Montana Legislature website put together a district map PDF and two interactive Google Maps to let you see more clearly where the line criss crosses through Colstrip.  When looking at the maps, keep in mind that there are fifty (50) senate districts and every senate districts contains two (2) house districts.

Google Map-Senate Districts of Montana

Google Map-House Districts of Montana

Senate and House Districts Map PDF

What do you think of the new district line?  Do you happen to be in a different district than your next door neighbor?

Let me know your thoughts or questions.


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